Thank you Ampere Downers!

Slow Mother Blog
October 9
Inspiration from Japan

I was so proud, so excited, so happy to click on a facebook link yesterday - it led me to an article. The world is now hearing about the gentle, sincere, humble ways of the Sloth Club through the
Wall Street Journal!

The ‘ampere down’ campaign was highlighted in the article, featuring the energy saving measures of various ampere downers across Japan. The original ‘light-bulb moment for
this campaign came from Hokkaido Sloth, Peter Howlett, (who I was so happy to meet earlier this year) and now all across the planet people will be contemplating whether they too could/should set themselves an enjoyable challenge in living with less.

The ideas about using brooms instead of vacuum cleaners, clay pots instead of rice cookers and turning off the fridge on a cool night will feed imaginations and encourage
others. People who live in countries with less will feel encouraged by the sincerity and commitment by people in one of the richest nations on Earth. And leaders in Japan will be reminded that there is a way to move away from nuclear power and energy production that destroys the Earth – its own citizens are leading the way in showing what is ‘enough’.

What I thought was missing in the article was the sense of joy, contentment and purpose people found when they were able to simplify their lives by using less energy.
Unfortunately many people in ‘rich’ countries and/or ‘rich’ households still think it is a big sacrifice to use less, or a step ‘backwards’ – when, in truth, it can provide such meaning and authenticity to our existence.

We know that the world’s problems may not be instantly solved by individual actions – but the truth of that action will shift the person’s life and touch all those around
them – and the message will spread.

Thank you Sloth Club -
Thank you Ampere Downers of Japan!

Pacha getting energy from being alive! She's mosaicing a wave, with herself in the barrel


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