9th December, 2009

Dear Friends,

I hope this finds you well. Thanks for your support for our ‘slohas’ tour
last year. I’d like to let you know I will be visiting Japan again next week
and hope you can let your friends and networks know. You can find more
information about my schedule at http://www.sloth.gr.jp/top/top.html

During this short visit, the Sloth Club, Keke the Koala (
http://keke.sblo.jp/ ) and I will be launching ‘morinokoe’ - a movement to
protect the worlds remaining native forests.

Twenty years ago, I first visited Japan. I was following the trees being
cut down in Sarawak, Borneo. I quickly realised that most people in Japan
did not really understand or think about where the products they were using
every day came from. Most people were so busy just trying to live.

Ten years ago, we started the Sloth Club. We wanted to make it fun and
enjoyable, empowering and inspiring to be involved in the environment
movement. We encouraged people to consume less and enjoy life more. And
there are many positive changes, as more and more people are feeling
empowered enough to find true happiness without destroying life.

But the world’s last native forests are still being cut down and we’re
probably the last generation that can save them. In the case of Australia,
almost all the trees are turned into woodchips sent to Japan to make paper
products like tissues, toilet paper and office paper. So we are asking for
your help to use less paper and to ask paper companies to please import only
woodchips from plantations. After the 20th December, please check out
www.morinokoe.com to find out more.

Pacha, Yani and I live in Australia now (
http://anjaslowmotherdiary.blogspot.com/) in our ‘slohas’ house (
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LZ2fgaz5se8), but my heart (like yours) is
beating for the whole Earth. It is challenging time and an exciting time.
People are hungry for positive solutions - models of a lifestyle that is
gentle to the Earth and is full of joy and happiness. We are creating new
cultures together by having the courage to face the truth of the global

I look forward to staying in contact with you,

For Life,

Anja Light

PS. If you do twitter, you may have fun following "kekethesloth".