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Dear Friends,
What a whirlwind, inspiring visit to Japan, with such wonderful re-connections! Thanks to everyone who was involved and who came along to events, meetings and discussions. A report is coming, but I am being slightly distracted by the beauty around me here, the beauty in my children, the beauty of the forest, the beauty of this life...This time, Japan gave me such a strong reaffirmation that we are following the right path - celebrating sustainability, cherishing and nurturing the sacredness of life so that we can act in the healing of the Earth as easily and naturally as breathing.
For Life,


Biodiversity dance

Dear Friends,

Take a look at this inspiring video of the Iluka Public School Year 4/5 class (Australia) dancing to the theme of biodiversity at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Qmu1fS9LZ1E

This original dance marks the UN Year of Biodiversity and the Year of Learning for Sustainability. It is, to me, one of the clearest and most passionate explanations of what biodiversity is and how important it is to protect and nurture it.

The children’s dance teacher, Mandy Pashen has led this talented class in creating a wonderful performance that was videoed and entered into the Australian ‘Wakakiri’ school dance competition. With almost no money for sets and costumes, parents, students and teachers volunteered their time and creativity. Please share this and let’s inspire everyone to celebrate and protect biodiversity!

Warm Regards,
Anja Light
Director, The Sloth Club Japan.