RIP Don Fernando Luque…

Today we heard the sad, sad news that Pacha and Yani’s grandfather, Fernando Luque, has passed away in Ecuador. 

Just weeks before, he had been forced to escape from and then witness the destruction of his home - the home he had built and lived in for decades -  as the earth quake shook the seaside eco-city of Bahia De Caraquez to the core. 
It must have broken his heart...

And Fernando was a person with a big, big heart. He always opened his doors and arms to us whenever we came to visit - telling us stories of an amazing life spent helping others. As the head veterinarian of the state of Manabi in his younger years, he managed projects to help communities learn and improve the way they raised livestock. We were so grateful that we were able to visit him and the family in Bahia three years ago, walking slowly and sedately alongside him on the seaside promenade - his daily ritual.

He was a person held in extremely high regard and respect by the whole family and the entire community, but to Pacha and Yani and his many, many other grandchildren he was as soft and sweet as a marshmallow. 

So we shed tears here, far away in Australia; tears for Fernando and tears for Bahia, hit by a series of knocks over the past two decades - both natural and human made - but showing so much promise to chart a different, more sustainable course for the future. 

I’ve heard that there has been very little support coming in to Bahia and a huge need for basics like tents and tarps to provide shelter for the community - most of whom are now homeless. 

We hope we can find a way to support good projects on the ground helping to rebuild in the most ecological and resilient way possible - like the bamboo building workshops being set up by Nicola from Rio Muchacho. 

I have faith in the spirit of the people of Ecuador, in their resilience, in their cohesion as a community and in their optimism and energy…I imagine Fernando continue to watch on with a glint in his eye; so proud of his children and grandchildren following in his footsteps to chose  a life path to help others. 


5/10:Slow Surfari - just Pacha, Yani and Anja!

And then there were three…

We have some news. 

Our surfari fellow van lifer, Jonny, has had to cancel his trip - so it will just be Pacha, Yani and I, our surfboards and musical instruments on an adventure of a lifetime along the southern coastline of Japan from the 6th until the 28th of June.

This makes our lives more simple, and we are happy about having a little extra space in the van! We have fixed events in Kyushu (Itoshima and Miyazaki) from the 17th until the 27th June, but our plans are pretty loose and free from the 7th until the 17th June. 

We dream of exploring the coastline of Izu, Wakayama and Shikoku (surfing, exploring hot springs and music busking)- and if you are in these areas and would like to meet up (or organise a gathering), please let us know!

Our Sloth family are helping organise some events in the Tokyo area before and after the road trip, so please contact them to find our about events and come along - we would love to see you! 

We look so much forward to meeting our friends again, to sharing and being reignited by the spirit of Japan (and, Yani says: eating natto!) 

Looking forward to seeing our Sloth family again!
Be the Change - all ways...



母なる地球がゆれている …

エクアドルと日本に対する思いで一杯ですが、今の心境を表現する言葉を少々 ...


陰鬱な啓示のような気持ちになります。問題ばかり起こすやっかいな人間たちをゆり落とそうとしている地球 … あるいは、この地球温暖化という熱で身震いしている地球、その熱は巨大権力が人間中心経済のグローバリゼーションで引き起こしたもの。
最初から生活が厳しい地域を襲ったエクアドルの地震は非常に不公平に思えます。被害のあった地域は隔絶されていて、援助の手を差し伸べるのが困難です。私たちは、彼らの地域に向かうため、その海岸線を何度となく辿り、森林の美しさに、海岸沿いの集落に、ガタガタで野生あふれる小径に感銘を受けたものでしたが ...

パチャとヤニの家族や親戚、私たちの友人はみな無事のようで、悲しくも命を落とした600人を超える人々には含まれていません。私たちの友人の多くは、自分たちの周りのコミュニティーへ何年にも渡り多くのものを与えてきた人たちですが、すでに持続可能な暮らしの再建を始めています。あたかもゼロからの再出発を強いられているかのようであるものの ...


そして日本、列島の南の九州では、とてもたくさんの友人たちが、彼ら自身と子供たちのために、新しい暮らしを創り出そうとしています。現在進行中の福島のカオスから遠く離れた地で、向き合っているのは、先行きの見えない未来、そして、これは確信していますが、活断層の上の原子炉を廃炉にするという新たな決定 …

ノアの海岸地域サーフィン村は、最も被害が甚大だった場所のひとつ .

カノアのメインストリートは、今では瓦礫に ...(写真は3年前に撮影したもの)


ニコラとダリオの資金集め活動(リンクはこちら)があるのは知っていて、他にもそれはそれはたくさんの活動があり(赤十字、ユニセフ 、国境なき医師団 … )、コミュニティーを助け出そうとしています。私がやっているのは、ベストな支援方法をもっと見つけ出すこと。具体的に、最も甚大な打撃を受けたコミュニティー(カノアの海岸地域のサーフィン村のような場所)が直接的な支援を得るよう助ける方法で、これらのプロジェクトの資金集めの支援ができるようになりたい。特に、日本にいる間にやりたいです。