Dec 22, 2010

How fast time moves! This blog post was written two weeks ago – but I haven’t had the chance to send it yet…my apologies. More very soon.

Over the last two weeks many things have come together, making me feel full
of energy for the next year ahead.

My old falling apart 1983 Tarago has now been replaced by an old, not falling apart Delica - chosen because it is one of the only models suitable
for conversion to using waste vegetable oil.

By luck or well fated coincidence, I found it just a kilometer or two away
from my mother’s house among only around 10 cars under $10 000 available all around Australia. Within 2 days of first looking at it my trusty old car gave up overheating dramatically on the main road - time to let go…
So now I jut have to save up for the conversion process to be able to use
the waste vegetable oil from my local fish and chip shop. (I’ve been researching at: http://www.vegiecars.com/home/)

I also jumped into a whole new techno world in buying an iPhone. My dream is to be able to do my work while taking Ollie for a graze/walk or while my
kids are swimming in the local pool (like now) or while at the beach. I want to be able to record bits of video for YouTube (check out Pacha’s new video:
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nT5-85TuDto ), or new melodies as they come into my head.

It is the ‘virtual’ office...but is it compatible with a slow lifestyle? I'm not sure. I do know that I have been using computers since 1989 as a tool to help save the earth - like everything they can be used for good or evil depending on the intention of the people using them.

Which brings me to the topic most on my mind at the moment - Julian Assange
and Wikileaks. Never has it been more obvious - the way the current system
works – it seems that the person who reveals the truth is persecuted and the criminals are protected. What worries me most is that the majority of people seem not to be interested in learning the truth - perhaps because it will challenge people’s comfortable view of the world. Yet as we see even the privileged people of the USA being tossed out of their homes to live on the streets because they so willingly ‘bought’ the slick promises of the banks and were seduced into living a life on their plastic credit cards - it seems very few people are joining the dots…

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