A photo diary…There’s always so many stories to share! This time I hope you enjoy these snapshots of the last few days.

New Year Mochi

A little bit of Japanese culture has come into our New Year celebration thanks to Minami and Kae. Pacha and Yani are so eager to try any new foods and enjoyed chewing this mochi. In Australia, the New Year celebration mostly parties and alcohol, new years resolutions and a long sleep in. We enjoyed a day at the beach (with out 2011 diaries along with us to make plans).

Going Sailing on the Clarence River:

My friend called and asked if we wanted to come sailing in the river on their catamaran – of course we said ‘Yes’! It was a very windy day and the power of the wind reminded me of the unpredictable and almost uncontrollable power of nature. Like riding a horse, you must always be ready to respond instinctively for survival – these are the feelings that life is most worth living for…

A mighty windy sailing day!

Making String in Iluka

Yesterday Pacha (and Kae and Yani) learned how to make string from native hibiscus bark. Our local friend is an anthropologist who assist indigenous communities and leads tracking and wilderness school activities. He, along with his wife and family are part of the reason I have great hope for this area – shifting to a sustainable future…

Never ending Rain

It’s been raining…a lot…Pacha and Yani know how to get the most enjoyment from it. This picture is outside my front door. We are not flooded (yet) in my area, but it is very soggy around our house! Time to plant more fruit trees!

The miracle of new Life: fig bird chicks.

What is everyone looking at??? A native fig bird is feeding her chicks in the tree above the birthday party. So nice that people still take the time to marvel in nature…

Fig bird orphaned but in good hands:

A few days later my friend, who is a wildlife carer, was asked to look after a baby native fig bird. Pacha helped as it was coaxed to eat the special food mixture. It is a hard job, with tiny chicks like this needing 24 hour care to be able to survive.

Planting for the future:

Later on we planted a range of seeds (about 20 different varieties) to plant in preparation for the school food gardens working bee planned for next week. Our plan is get lots planted and growing in time for the start of the school year. It feels so good to touch this abundance of life spirit!

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