It's Green politics time again! Last week the State election was called and I was accepted as the Green candidate for my area. It is a very interesting challenge - I am the first and only member of the Green party in this area where the Greens only polled 2% at the last state election. I am completely on my own with no support in this area (although there are Green party members in the nearby city of Townsville).

In a way this gives me a great sense of freedom - noone has high expectations of a big result, so I can do the best I can and enjoy the process. It is great to be able to offer voters in Ayr a choice to vote Green and hopefully let a few people know that there are alternatives to 'politics as usual'. I will try to send press releases as I write them to the Blog web site so you can get an idea of the local issues. The election will take place on Sep. 9th so at least it will be over with quickly!

■see Anja on Greens website

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