4/11:Slow Surfari in Japan in June!

Dear Friends, 

Calling all Sloths!

Pacha, Yani and I are coming back to Japan this June/July and this time,  maybe,  a little more slowly, simply and spontaneously!  It was Yani this time who begged me to take him back to Japan, he misses everything - people, culture, food, natty, onsens - everything. Pacha is also so excited to come back - this time to take more time to just ‘be’ and (of course) surf! 

For me, there is a sense of guilt about using to much jet fuel again in order to promote sustainable lifestyles and ways of thinking - I apologise for my inconsistency/contradction...it is an ongoing (learning) process...

Anyway, we bought really discounted air tickets and have hired a ‘bongo’ pop top van (to sleep and move in) and bring our instruments and surfboards along on our journey from Tokyo to Miyazaki and back, starting on the 3rd June until the 28th June.  

This time an extra musician (and surfer) Jonny Dostow will travel along with us and is willing to share his music and story about starting the global ‘van life’ movement (http://vanlife.com.au). He's also a great musician and you can find his music here: Jonny Dustow music This movement is about living simply and freely in small, mobile spaces - creating a global community based on love and (nature) connection. 

Our intention is to surf, sing and reconnect with Japan, sharing the message of slow, small, simple life - connecting and celebrating with all beings and positive movements along the way.
We would love to meet you if you are near our path! 

We could do a concert or talk on deep ecology/slow life, or just hang out with you and have fun in the ocean/forest/mountain, jamming with our guitars and ukuleles…

Our basic plans are: 

Arrive in Japan 27 May

28 May celebration of Cafe Slow 15 year anniversary
29 - 2nd June Tokyo/Yokohama area organised by the Sloth Club

3 June - Slow Surfari to the south begins!
Izu area
Shizuoka/Wakyama area
Kyoto (?)
Tottori area
Shikoku (wild surf)
Kyushu (Itoshima, Fukuoka, Kumamoto)

Jun 22 Miyazaki 
June 27 return to Tokyo

Jul 1 - 13 Sloth Club events 

As you can see - at this stage our plans are very, very flexible! 

Please let me know directly (by email: light.anja@gmail.com or on Facebook) if you would like to organise any event, or know a good place to park for a night or two (preferably close to a good surf break!).

We are so very excited to be coming back, with more time to connect deeply…

Anja , Pacha and Yani 

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