3/2:15 circles around the sun, Pacha!

Light of my life. 

As a new born, lying in my arms, after a wild and wonderful birth at home in the mountains of Ecuador, I gazed at you in awe. 

Long limbs, big hands and the longest eyelashes I had ever seen. Perfectly well, perfectly healthy, perfect! 
In those first seven days, the best way I found to describe you and the feelings I had in sharing my body with you was to write a song. A love song for you and a love song for life - they are inexorably intertwined.

And so, we have been singing this song (almost always in harmony!) for 15 years. 
Pacha, you have taught me so much, in ways that are hard to describe!
You taught me to focus; 'Yes, the world is important, but here I am, NOW!’ 
You taught me to slow down - washing nappies can be a meditative process! 
You taught me patience. 
You taught me to always live in the moment. 

15 is a big number. 
You are a young woman now.
And little by little, I am learning to let you go. 
You are already so capable and clever in managing your own life, but I cherish the fact that you still ask for my advice sometimes and share how you are feeling. It’s a joy to help and support where I can in you fulfilling your dreams!
I love the way your first instinct is to help anyone/anything that needs help. I love the way your smile lights up the room. I love the way you still play with joy and abandon! 
And I trust you. I trust that the world will guide you and you will accept its guidance.  I trust you to live your own story and feel such joy and honour in being part of it. 

Thank-you Pacha. Happy 15th Journey around the Sun. 

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