10/9:On the Road...

It has been so long since I've sat down to write - my mind speeds ahead and the moment is gone! Almost every day I have thought about our upcoming trip to Japan in just two weeks - reconnecting with our friends and Sloth family and reviving so many memories over the past 25 years...

I've been following events that I know are touching my friends in Japan deeply; the frightening determination of the Abe government to erase the pacifist constitution, restart nuclear power stations and ram through the TPP corporate trade agreement. And I've been thinking about the sad situation with many young people in Japan - the increasing rate of suicide, especially around the time that school starts every year. I've also been thinking about the inspiring million mothers campaign - reclaiming democracy and celebrating connection. 

Hope has stayed alive in the faces of open hearted joy and empowerment in the images of people's action on the streets - people from all walks of life, and so many young people and families ready to speak (and sing and dance) their truth. Thank you for representing life! Thank you for representing hope!

Over the past few weeks we have been getting more and more swept up into the vortex of surfing ( actually - competition surfing). As Pacha works hardto improve her skills, she is entering more competitions - which means we've been traveling all around the country (in our old van). There are so many bits and pieces to think about and juggle - surfboards and equipment, nutrition, getting entries in, thanking sponsors, keeping up with school and, most important of all, staying in close contact and support of our friends and family.

We just came back from travelling thousands of kilometres over 2 weeks, to 3 different competitions in Sydney and near Melbourne. Our original plan was to squeeze into the van to sleep every night - which we have done before - but it's not so very comfortable (especially for Yani!). We were so grateful when a variety of friends and family opened their doors (instead of just their driveways for us to park in) and we had warm, dry, flat places to stay every night. There were precious moments of connection - sharing meals, music, and surfing stories - catching up in person after year of only 'on-line' communication.

The journey took us to many new places, beautiful, wild and sacred places - reminding us of the vast distances and space of this country. It was inspiring to see the confidence from both Pacha and Yani, jumping into new oceans - whipped up by strong winds and tides, dancing and playing in the waves. They impressed me with their strength and resilience - surfing in freezing cold ocean temperatures (12C) on one day then sitting for 6 hours in a 39C car on our way home the next day (no air conditioning)!

We kept our hearts strong - with the realisation that our friends will always be our friends - no matter if life takes us in different directions. That nature is always there - powerful and awe inspiring - making human civilisation and endeavours rather insignificant. We will be back in Japan soon, sharing our hope, our songs, our new realisations and our shared vision for a positive future. We look forward to seeing you...

Here are a few photos from our recent surfing road trip:

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