2015 - the year of humility?

"The time has come to lower our voices, to cease imposing our mechanistic patterns on the biological processes of the earth, to resist the impulse to control, to command, to force, to oppress, and to begin quite humbly to follow the guidance of the larger community on which all life depends."

Thomas Berry

The calendar tells us that another year has passed and we are beginning a new one...
My love and best wishes go out to my friends around the planet - kind hearted humans trying to make sense of the world - doing what they can do to bring peace and healing. Welcome to 2015!

The headlines are full of the same mixture of earth shattering reality (as climate chaos ensues, extinction rates soar and inequality escalates) juxtaposed with the most trivial nonsense (who really cares how big some butts are?). 

Like most of you reading this - I get too much information (of all kinds) to properly process and that lingering sense of futility in the tiny actions I take in response. Like picking up handfuls of little plastic rubbish pieces on our daily beach visits - yet I can't help imagining how much more there is out there, everywhere and how every person who walks by seems to have a new plastic water bottle...just can't seem to make an individual change...

I find myself slightly repulsed by the environment movement and even green political movement - constrained by the structures and the dominant paradigm thinking that got us to this frightening place, yet still feel grateful to the campaigners out there trying their best. I just don't have the heart to do the same thing over and over - and could never do this as a  'job'. Working with Helena Norberg Hodge and the localisation movement seems to make the most sense - and I've been learning how to 'hold back' a little and prioritise my family.

Living in the city, despite being close to nature and the ocean, has rattled me...distracted by traffic and billboards and neon lights in shopping centres -the children tempted and taunted by 'stuff'.
It has been wonderful to live with my Mother and I think we've all been surprised about how well this has worked out! Sharing spontaneous breakfasts and dinners, watching light hearted comedies together on TV, 'skyping' family members around the world, sharing stories from
school and the latest political 'issues' - this has been a real blessing for us all.

And it seems that every health 'issue' has improved for her - as she works out at the gym and is a constant hive of activity - always sharing her time and energy with others...what an inspiration!
We have all been blessed with good health. Pacha and Yani glow with exuberance and life spirit...I 

bask in their glory and am fuelled by their energy - even as I nip at their heels to (hopefully) guide 
them in the right direction. 

So, with a deep sense of gratitude for this life - I send my goodwill and thanks to you, sharing this prayer to find deep peace and clarity of purpose in the time we have left on this beautiful planet...

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