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Slow Mother Blog 18 March 2014

Life shifts. The Fukushima commemoration has reminded me that it's been almost a year since we visited Japan.  We were all so sure this disaster would signal in a new era of wisdom and humility – that nature will always be the most powerful – but instead, Japan (and the world) seems to be on the same trajectory of dominance and control, with the self-proclaimed ‘experts’ of nuclear technology pushing not only to re-start power stations, but to export the ‘technology’ to other nations. My heart goes out to you all - the million mothers, fathers, brothers, sisters who, just as the government goes backwards into fear and control, go forward in love and peace to demonstrate that another way is possible. Thank-you.

Life shifts. I am sitting in my family home of almost 40 years, here in Tugun on the Gold Coast, Australia. This solid brick house my father designed and built to withstand cyclones and all natural disasters but could not withstand the emotional storms that dispersed the fabric of family so many years ago. Perhaps we can re-weave it now...Pacha, Yani and I have come back to share this house with my Mother who is gracefully ageing and whose will it is to remain here. As the visits to doctors and occasional hospitals increase, it felt like the right thing to be here to support her. Mum is magnificent and really doesn’t need much help – except perhaps a bit in the garden – but just being here ‘in case’ brings peace of mind. We have been shifting old patterns –renovating inside and out as we recognize the changes that time has brought us.
Pacha turns 13, March 2 - 2014...

So, we are now back to a small parcel of land in the urban Gold Coast jungle (we have a tiny vegetable garden and some fruit trees), the sound of the nearby highway and the passing planes a constant reminder of the pace of industrial development. The Gold Coast is a growing tourist city, famous for it’s beaches, rainforest and surf – but also for its casinos, plastic surgery and night clubs.
Our beautiful home in the forest in Woombah has been rented out and awaits our return sometime in the future. Our beloved Ollie brumby is living close by on an acreage with a horse-loving 13 year old girl and her family. We can visit him and spend time with him whenever we want to. We are very, very fortunate.

Pacha and Yani seem to be thriving in this new, stimulating environment, fitting in to the new schools and connecting with new friends. It is a constant joy to be around them and share their new experiences. The pace is much faster here, but the ocean roars in the distance and is ever welcoming for a ‘re-earthing’ experience. It’s easy to ride our bicycles to school or to the beach, or the shops – and there are pockets of like-minded people who support local community and environmental campaigns.

We've joined local protests to protect nature...
The memories of our incredible world journey fade slightly – but the experiences that changed us and make us who we are – are still strong and shape all our choices. It is not so easy for me to adjust – I miss the peace and of the forest - it’s harder to live a slow, small, simple life here. I am trying to nurture some inner peace while waiting to be inspired for the next step/project/vision.

So, I apologise for being out of contact for so very long, but somehow, with all these changes, I’m not as certain about who I am and how I will/should be in the world. The usual formula of protests and actions and appeals and projects just seems a little futile right now and I have been indulging in celebrating life in the moment to the best I can with Mother and my children. 

Ollie therapy...

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