Blessings to all for 2017

Dear Friends,
The New Year has begun and it's time for reflection of the past and visioning for the future.
Our family has had a wonderful year, learning, growing and connecting - even as so much of the world reflects devastation, violence and decay.
The depth of despair about the ecological crises, the unjust and growing inequality, the global economic death casino, the rise of entitled, chest beating ignorance, the near absolute manipulation of attitudes by mainstream media and resulting erosion of any semblance of democracy - is unending, and yet I look outside to gentle breeze wafting through the trees against the blue sky and feel grateful and alive. 
My personal battles have been in learning to be comfortable in a changing way of life, in different circumstances, as an older woman - and never has it felt more apparent that in our visit to Japan in the middle of last year. For the first time in 30 years, we travelled without a solidly fixed plan, or pre-prepared ‘campaign’’ and instead were graciously welcomed as friends and families in the homes and hearts of many old friends.  I am so grateful for the Sloth family, and the acceptance that all things change. I am grateful for the continuing connection with Ecuador - even as Pacha and Yani’s father Marcelo faces a health crisis, and the communities struggle to overcome devastating natural disasters and misguided government forced industrial exploitation.
I am no longer the same ‘activist’. 
Much of the environment movement is repellent to me right now - the blame, the aggressive language, the righteousness, the condescending superiority, the ‘us and them’…I have the utmost respect for those who are able to truly ‘walk their talk’ and I realise there are very, very few who are able to do this (including me and my family).  So, of course, we try, everyday to reconcile these contradictions.
Instead of campaigning, I have indulged in the great privilege of being present in my children and my mother’s life. And, although it seems (to myself especially) to have been so lazy - I look at my children and my mother and I see them thriving and doing so much good in the world…Pacha continuing with her surfing passion that has taken her around the world - this year alone to Portugal, France, Spain and Hawaii and her genuine interest and commitment in caring for the Earth. And kind, cool Yani, a rare soul that seems to be in balance with himself and the world and subsequently, unconsciously, heals those around him. My Mother is relentlessly busy thinking of and doing things for others and doing whatever she can to stay young and full of health!  
So, for me, it is another year of humble learning and acceptance - supporting those closest to me and being ready to accept/respond when the moment of inspiration comes.
Sending this out with so much love to all - with unending hope for peace, healing and harmony. 

Anja, Pacha and Yani
PS. You can see some of our 2016 adventures on Pacha's Video Logs here: https://youtu.be/QYpPmz9NB88
At the Byron Surf Festival with my friend Skye.