Children weave their futures - guided by heart...

Last weekend Yani 'auditioned' for the music excellence program at the local highschool he will be going to next year.

Yani has never had a formal music lesson - but he loves music and has taught himself to play the keyboard by watching youtube videos.

I asked him to write a letter to the school explaining why he should be allowed to enter the program. Here are some of his words:

"Hi my name is Yani and I love to play the piano because music is always in my mind.

Rhythm is every where I go like a shadow it's always there even when you think your alone when I walk I always have a different beat in every step, when I surf there's always a beat stuck in my head and when I play the piano the beats just come out in the sounds of the music.

I play because every song has a meaning  - everything has a purpose. When I play the piano the sound I hear is the music of meaning and purpose.

I will always love music and try my best in every step I go in the music world. "

All parents want the best for their children. The hardest thing is to feel absolutely certain that the choices you make for them are the right ones.

Being able to support their authentic selves and their true passions is one of the most exciting things about being a parent and it has sometimes been hard not being able to pay for things like music lessons and other opportunities.

Yet, somehow, they find their own way - following their dreams, discovering themselves, understanding that they are the ones who can create their own path to the future.

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