We're in hot water! - Atelier non-electric.

We put some black pipe on the roof, plumbed it through the existing 50 litre hot water system, and (hey presto), no need for electricity for hot water system over the summer. The system can still be 'boosted' by our solar panel electricity panels if it's a rainy/overcast day. It cost around $260 in total.

1. black pipe - (material cost: $178 - for 100m pipe and fittings)
2. straightening it out
3. plumbing it into the hot water system (with valves to be able to shut it off in case of any burst pipe)
4. laying the pipe into a flattened spiral to get maximum sun
5. putting it on the roof
6. finished - we have a sun spiral on the roof!

I'll be insulating the existing hot water system (with roof insulation/styrofoam) next so that it acts like a hot water thermos to store the sun heated water. Pacha just took a lovely hot bath - so simple!

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