Anja’s SLOHAS Tour 2008

Dear Friends,
Soon it will be Spring in Japan, a time for a new awakening - new
growth - transformation. I hope it finds you well and feeling
positive about the challenges and opportunities for the year ahead.

We are witnessing an incredible time in the Earth history - the
breakdown of the world’s ancient ecological systems, the destruction of forests and the changing climate, the melting down of major economic systems, the increasing chasm between rich and poor in both money rich and money poor countries. We are partly trapped and partly willing participants in this economic system that causes so much destruction and suffering - but as it becomes more obvious we have reached a turning point we may have best opportunity to pause, breathe and choose a different path.

But what should we do? Where do we find the courage and strength to keep our eyes open and our hope alive? How can we survive? Do we
really want to survive? What does it mean to be 'Alive'? Can our
children grow up in mainstream society and not be caught by the
‘consumer fever’. What is the best way forward with clarity and
honesty? How can we tap into the abundant energy that sustains life on this beautiful planet – being like a tree that reaches straight to the sky but moves with the wind?

These are some of the questions I ask myself in this slow forest life and I would love to share this discussion with you.

I am planning to visit Japan from 17 April until the 7th of June
before returning to El Milagro in Ecuador with Pacha and Yani. I
would love to speak and/or perform while in Japan and it would be
great to meet you again. Depending on your interests, I would be
happy to talk about practical themes on living a Slow Lifestyle of
Health and Sustainability (SLOHAS) as well as about the Sloth Club’s project work and volunteering in Ecuador. Could you organise a
concert or talk? Would you know of any other person, group or venue that may be interested in holding an event? Please let Naoko Baba
know at the Sloth Club know if you can help in any way. All funds
raised will support the El Milagro project and our travel costs in
returning to Ecuador.

Let’s choose to have hope and see a positive way forward, in our own lives and for our precious planet. I look forward to sharing energy, new ideas, laughter and song with you soon.

For Life,
Anja Light


Unknown said...

Reply to Anja’s message

Hi, Anja!

After successive business travels, I read your mail a week behind.
“SLOHAS” instead of “LOHAS,” pretty good.

You mean to replace “LOHAS” which promote consumption with “SLOHAS” which hold down it, right?

Japanese “LOHAS” has been supported by “Ecology magazines” which say yes to nuclear power and ignore reprocessing plants. LOHAS in its essential meaning should be recognized properly

The macron within SLOHAS symbolizes “- (minus)” (in Japanized pronunciation, SLOHAS includes prolonged sound expressed with a symbol similar to “-”).
“SLOHAS” is a sustainable and enjoyable life style done by subtraction. It’s fun to be less depended on what stressing the environment, such as vending machines, cars, TVs, heated toilet seats, beef, bottled water and paper towels.

Written in Japanese, “LOHA” of LOHAS is similar to a Chinese character meaning free in sense of price. This coincidence reminds me the Buy Nothing Day; don’t newly buy, use what you own already in free like you do.

You need less money so that you don’t have to do unwanted works and will be integrated into what you want to do. Easier to be involved into self-sufficient way of life or agri-X style (Han-Noh, Han-X or semi agricultural and semi X life style; half of their income is gained by agriculture and another is by something else such as writing).

You may know Akira Gotoh who used to be a member of Sloth Club board. Now he spends simple and fulfilled time in a rural village with income as same as 20-30% of average Japanese people’s.

“SLOHAS” reminded me Keibo’s “DOLOHAS.” A lotus flower finishes its life to be nutrition for following flowers in mad (in Japanese “doro”). Lotus is found in Ende’s “Momo” too.

Children may say to attendants, in there parents’ funeral, “thank you for all what you had done for my father in his sei-zen.” They express his living time as“sei-zen,” literally meaning pre-birth. That means one’s death is a birth really.

Slow Lifestyles of Health and Sustainability
Slow Lifestyles of Happiness and Sustainability

Let me think “SLOHAS” stands for Slow Lifestyle of HAPPINESS and Sustainability.

I suggest “happiness” for “H,” because important is being happy even in there illness.

“Reassured despair”? a saying of the House of Behtel, a community of mentally ill people. They smile while they are ill. Sloth Club can learn more from Bethel’s people.

Looking forward to see you in Japan, Anja.

Ryuichi Nakamura

Anonymous said...

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