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Slow Mother Blog
Dec 1st

This morning I am contemplating lists as I procrastinate in setting out on a busy day of ‘business’ building. I have now completed and passed my business course and produced a business plan for my new company: slowsmallsimple…now I just have to ‘do’ it…
I have always rather liked lists – I write long lists regularly, then just do what I really like doing, or forget about the list and respond to how the day evolves.
There is the ‘should do’ list and the ‘want to do’ list - and then there are things I don’t even have to think about; cuddling my children, poking around in the garden, putting my house in order (like meditation), having a chat with my neighbour, cooking a meal, hugging a tree, stroking the horse – some things never find their way to the lists, they are guided by instinct… of course these are the things I love the most.
This week on my ‘should really do’ list is finding and buying a diesel van that can be converted to veggie oil. It means confronting many personal comfort zones; spending money, trusting strangers, making the right decision about something I know little about…but, since my old car is slowly giving up - it really is time to take a deep breath and take the plunge…wish me luck!
How do we single out the most important things everyday as well as find a way to feed ourselves and our children? When the two things combine I guess we find most complete happiness. Today I will try to find a way to ‘market’ my music on the internet so I don’t have to worry so much about earning enough income to support our simple lives.
But, I never wrote music to make money - I create music to heal, nurture and to change the world – how strange it is then to ask people to ‘buy’ my music? Like almost everything in our society, music only seems to have economic value when it has been packaged, marketed and commodified. I console myself in grappling these dilemmas with the thought that perhaps the further my music can reach, the more encouragement and healing it can bring people to change the way we live.
For Life,

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