Back in Australia!

We’re back!
Our year long slow global odyssey has brought us back to Australia where we are now settling and deciding where we should be based for the next years ahead.
Our journey is impossible to describe in a single word – and little by little I will try to share some of the stand-out experiences we had along the way.  As a family, we have grown and deepened our connection with each other, our connections with friends and family, with the Earth – we have woven into our being strands of multi-colour fibres, shining and textured - strong, enduring, resilient, flexible. We are so very grateful for this experience.
For the time-being we are still on ‘holiday’, renting a beachside apartment, just a few minutes walk to the kid’s school. Pacha and Yani have been able to go surfing almost every morning before school – watching the sunrise and sharing the waves with the dolphins.  They have been warmly welcomed and although no-one is really interested in hearing all the travel stories, somehow there is an appreciation of the kind of kids that Pacha and Yani are right now – fun, alive, fearless and full of understanding about how very lucky we are to live here!
Thank-you for your patience with this blog. My expectations about being able to keep up with some writing along the way were obviously not met! I have no real excuse – somehow just enjoying the moments of where we were and dealing with the daily challenges of travel meant I just didn’t find myself with an urge to write it down. Maybe it was because it was all uploaded on facebook (please check my facebook page for photos) there was less of a need to write it down…In any case, my apologies for the lack of communication…
Deep thanks to everyone who opened their hearts and homes to us on our travels...

One of our last days on our journey, Pacha took this beautiful photo on the beach in Hossegor.

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