A quick note from Ecuador

It's been too long - and I have no excuses!
My sincere apologies to people who have been waiting for an update - we have now been in Ecuador for almost 3 months catching up with family, friends and projects after an amazing (and busy!) 'slow' tour in Japan. We are indebted to the kindness and generosity of our friends in Japan...
I hope to be able to post a longer update soon - but in the meantime, here is Pacha's surf blog:
http://pachalina.wordpress.com/  - that gives you a bit more of an idea about what we've been up to. 
You are also welcome to find us on facebook (Anja Light) for photos. 
And finally - I hope this video (http://youtu.be/OqtZPqNy-sk) will make you smile - an introduction (from the eyes of Pacha and Yani) of the Cerro Seco Reserve.

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