It’s snake o clock

By Pacha Light, age 9

One stormy morning I was getting ready for the swimming carnival and I went outside to get the rabbit then came down to the kichen to have a cuddle with it. My brother(Yani) came down and sat with me and talked about the storm last night and then he said “Pacha there is a snake on the clock.’’I thought he was just joking around but when I looked up I saw a beautiful python circling my mum's clock. (Mum says now she knows who has been stealing her time!)
It was so cute and it wasn’t that big at all! It took a while for it to get off the clock and onto the roof beams. I tried to feed it a carrot but mum said that they don’t eat carrots - they eat rats and chickens and stuff.
I'm not scared of snakes (I know they are more scared of me), especially the ones I know that are not venomous. I have held a python before at a wildlife sanctuary and some people keep them as pets. I will never be afraid of snakes!
Pacha Luque-Light age 9
48 emu dr woombah
N.S.W 2469

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