My next big project is building up fast! On September 18th, I will be organising the ‘Living the Good Life Festival’ at our school in Iluka. The name is an attempt to ‘re-brand’ the choice to live a gentle life - a conscious life - a lifestyle that doesn’t destroy the Earth. We’ll have stalls, entertainment, food and lectures encouraging a sustainable lifestyle shift, while also supporting our School Fete. Through the festival website (www.livingthegoodlifefest.com) we plan to create a ‘virtual sustainable lifestyle’s tour’ so that people can get an insight about the many different ways people in this area are trying to lighten their impact on the planet without burning fossil fuel to drive around to see them.

I am now collecting inspiring sustainable lifestyle examples that I will showcase on the new web site. As I get involved in organising the event, the web of like-minded people expands and I feel great encouragement about the potential of this area to become a sustainable community in the future. And this connects with my aim to run a business; ‘slowsmallsimple’ that provides information, inspiration and advice about how to live a healthy, happy and sustainable lifestyle. I’m not a good business person – I find it very hard to ask for money for anything…but the reality of feeding Pacha and Yani make it important to face this part of my life!

Anyway, through this glorious search for good sustainable lifestyle examples, I have recently met Carolyn. Carolyn lives on a 350 acre permaculture property with her two children, her mother and father and her grandmother along with horses, chickens, cows, pigs, chickens, ducks and dogs. The three small, simple home-built houses (from their own harvested timber) are run from solar energy (completely off the grid) with wood and gas stoves for cooking. All water is collected from their own roofs. The garden provides all the vegetables they need. For me, the intergenerational aspect of her set-up was the most inspiring. How wonderful to see and feel the strong and supportive, loving bonds between everyone! It is something I
have often seen when living with indigenous peoples, and even the poor communities in Intag, but it’s not so common in Australia.

Pacha and Yani spent 3 hours playing and exploring, and decided that they would definitely like to live there! Though I’m not so sure. It was at least
a ½ hour drive to reach any kind of village centre. Where we live now, there are more than 20 children living in just this street. Pacha and Yani can find friends to play with and I am in easy reach of my activities at the school and in the community. I chose this area knowing that some day (when a bike path is built) I will be able to ride to the beach and to the town.

Now all I need to do is convince the rest of my family to live here!
Yani has just had his 7th birthday. We celebrated with friends and family and lots of time just being together. I think he feels loved and appreciated. That's all any of us really need isn’t it?

Love to you all!

Anja Light

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