1/11:A very slow New Year Mother Blog!

As the weeks have slipped past, it has been harder to come back to this - this slow life story. 

Sorry for being so very slow...

Happy New Year everyone. I’m sure you, like me, have made your prayers for a more peaceful world, for our hearts to be at peace with the world. We have had a very relaxed and easy time with family and friends…we let go of the crazy consumer pressure of Christmas and just spent quality time with each other instead. We’ve also had the the lovely visit and stay of a French junior surfer - as an exchange from a board riders club in Hossegor. We were so happy to offer our small space to provide an opportunity for someone - it was a positive influence for us all. 

Somehow, for me at this point in my life, celebrating every magical sunrise seems as important as celebrating little ‘wins' here and there out in the world. I battle with my own cynicism (that I’m certain I never used to have) when it comes to the outcome of world meetings like COP21…I am doubtful that political world leaders can change anything, but it was so heartening to the clear, positive spirit of the young and indigenous people spreading a message through action. 

I am not satisfied with my capacity. I don't think is so much laziness as a kind of paralysis…there was and is so much more I wanted to be doing in the follow up to that wonderful (but quick) Japan tour. So many people to thank…especially in processing the deep ecology workshops that went deeper than I could have imagined. It was such an honour to facilitate these workshops with such a powerful circle of Earth healers and I look forward to the next opportunity.
Meanwhile, here, our daily life, joyful as it is, repeats itself - simple pleasures, lovely connections, daily exhilarations  in the sun and waves, meaningful moments with friends, family and strangers alike. 

As the challenge of reconciling the weight of knowledge of the world remains constant - I find myself (happily) being pulled, more and more, into the orbit of my children - my glowing suns…

And they have been flaring lately. Pacha went beyond anyone’s expectations in her surfing - coming 2nd in the under 16s National junior surfing competition, which qualifies her for the world junior surfing competition to be held in the Azores Islands this September.  Somehow, we will have to find a way to get there (I didn’t even know such islands existed in the middle of the Atlantic ocean!) and keep exploring this surfing adventure!

Pacha came 2nd in Australia in under 16 girls...
Yani made his own fibreglass surfboard...
And Yani is quietly making an impression with this humble talents, patience and gentle manner.  Just last week I went to pick him up at the crowded skate park. A lady I didn’t know approached me and asked if he was my son and said he had the most lovely demeanour she had seen. He has made himself another surfboard (thanks to the help of Clayton - a surf shaper/coach) and has realised that just about everything comes to him if he lets go of wanting things too much.

When these things happen tears well up for me. There is so much gratitude that, despite the unconventional way we live, Pacha and Yani seem to shine and I (along with my Mum) bask in their glow! 

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