7/16:Deep thanks to the Peacemakers of Japan...

Deep thanks to the Peacemakers of Japan...

Recently my Facebook news feed has been filled with images of the many, many thousands of people, from all different ages and walks of life, demonstrating to keep Japan true to its constitution of non-violence. 

I stand in solidarity with you all!

It has been my great privilege to share time with so many courageous and gentle peacemakers of Japan - joining sacred runs, walks and marches all over the country including Hiroshima and Nagasaki – filled with admiration for so many people dedicated to doing what they can for a better world.

I can only imagine how despairing people must feel to see their wishes and prayers for peace being completely ignored by PM Abe and the general shift to politics of fear and control.
In Australia too, we feel more and more disconnected from any kind of democracy or political process that reflects the opinion of the majority - or even basic human compassion or commonsense.

Recently our government is acting to prevent any support for renewable energy, harassing and demonising refugees and making it more difficult for environment and human rights groups to raise funds or protest. And the ‘war on terror’ here is reaching fever pitch with our PM donning military uniforms and surrounding himself with nationalistic flags, to urge on Australian soldiers as they are sent back to the middle-east to try to fix the mess that over 80% of Australians opposed in the first place (invasion of Iraq).
It all seems to be part of a global trend that exploits the emotion of fear, in order to distribute wealth and power into the hands of an ever-dwindling minority – for what ultimate reason - I really don’t know...

But I do know, there is another global trend that is also building – where people seeking truth and connection are linking together to help each other – often beginning from long standing local networks.

This is what I see in Japan – pinpricks of light in the dark heavy blanket of control and manipulation – and the light is as bright as ever! Thank-you to each and every one of you – marching, singing, dancing, praying for Peace!

Peace Songs in Tokyo 2013 (Thanks for the photo Isao Kimura)

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