Mothers Day visit to Iluka

This paradise was our home. 
The wild, pristine, national park coastline was the first time and place that Pacha and Yani stood on boards catching waves – with only the wild dolphins, eagles, seagulls and pelicans (and me) looking on.
Thanks to a small club of surfers, called Iluka Boardriders, we were helped and encouraged along – borrowing boards, getting advice about staying safe in the water, connecting with others sharing a love for the ocean.
This weekend we went back, after almost 3 years, loaded with some collected boards we could now give back to the club that had helped start us off on this surfing adventure!
It was inspiring to feel the fun atmosphere, with so many kids involved (especially girls) playing games on the sand between the heats – well fed by barbeques and home-baked, healthy cookies, ‘bliss’ balls and scones.  The waves were big, clean and almost empty, the fresh autumn day stunningly beautiful, with not a cloud in the sky  – a perfect (Mothers) day!
To me, the day was also full of poignant reflection.
Reflecting about how hard I tried to do something positive in the community and how, sometimes, my intention was misunderstood.
Reflecting on the simplicity of our daily lives back then, the peace and the quiet surrounding us and the time and space that seemed to move more slowly.
Reflecting about how Pacha and Yani had improved in their surfing so dramatically over such a relatively short time while living on the Gold Coast…Despite the stress and crowded waves, their motivation to get out there and surf everyday has never waned. With some of the most skilled surfers on the planet in front of their eyes, they have been constantly inspired and challenged. Being welcomed by Snapperrocks boardriders club, making new like-minded friends, getting extra coaching and strategy to do well in competitions helps us stay ‘in the loop’ with the surfing networks.   Getting support and advice from knowledgeable people and businesses that abound in our local area, has helped Pacha and Yani surge ahead – and they still love surfing and the challenge it brings…
We are so grateful to be able to return to Iluka from time to time, to reconnect and remember. 
(Pacha has made a little video about our visit -you can see it here:  http://youtu.be/BXbKmfJY8go )

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